New Main Theme 2 !


Hey everybody !

Tell me you didn’t forget to read the article called  New Main Theme !
This tiny article was to say you the new theme and new background picture will be there on Wednesday,19th March 2014 ! What a great new, isn’t it ?!
Oh that will be so much fun ! I want to be on Wednesday ! It will be great, the main colour will change, I already tested the possibilities and I’m sooo excited to share it with you !!!

See you on Wednesday for a new start of MEEL !

Zoe đŸ™‚


Hi there,

I’m Zoe, 14, and this is my new blog !

I’m a schoolgirl in France, this lovely country for strangers, and I’ll write in this blog  what I think and what can be interesting for you.

I share with a friend a really great passion, to draw. I learned to draw with her and now my workbook is quite full.

You’ll see, in this blog, I’ll write in english and then, some articles will be written in french, only because some topics are not so easy to write and explain in englsih.

I hope you’ll like this blog, and don’t  hesitate to leave me a comment đŸ™‚