About Creativity

1…2…3… Close your eyes

4…5…6… Hear their smiles

Six words to say “Find creativity”

That’s not difficult, you will see

Changing a letter or two

And you come to something true

From deep inside your heart

Inspiration then will be art


Truth and lies

 Picture from Deviantart by LUN2004 : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lost-132779251

Picture from Deviantart by LUN2004 : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lost-132779251

All those lies I’ve told

All these fears I’ve hold

All this trust I’ve lost

Keeping my secrets, at any cost.

But it all has ended

I’ve burnt it all, indeed

‘Cause I don’t wanna live this life

‘Cause I don’t wanna play their game.

I found the truth but rejected it.

I want to have my own place

In this world of prentence

In this world of nonsense.

I want to have that power

Of holding me on my own shoulder.

You will only see me going away

Far from the way you’ve drawn for me.

Long time ago, you told me

I had to be that way

But I’ve been somewhere else

A place where you can’t find me

You can’t even guess

If truth and lies will be.


Hope you liked it ! Don’t hesitate to leave comments to share your feelings about that poem ! I know it can seem weird or something but I just write what’s in my mind and inspiration does the rest.

First poem ever ! -Merely Feelings

I’m so proud, today, to let you see my first poem in English, this one is really important to me, and really symbolic too… Here it is…

Merely Feelings

Days are made of sadness
Days are made of laughs,
Days are empty or less,
Days, as rocks, can be tough.
But imagine you feel happy
And all the world is your property
Imagine you will manage
And you’ll open your golden cage.
Days are full of surprises
Days can be as beautiful
As the sunrises
Keep calm, stay cool.
Be who you are
Do what you want.
Fill this hole inside your heart
Try, even if you know you can’t.
No friends ?
Who cares ?
That’s not the end
The world is so unfair.
No need to change
Keep your key,
Only one word is important,
One word that proves they aren’t.
This key is

This is the end of my poem, and I hope you’ve liked it 😉

And I remind you that this poem is part of my IP (intellectual property) !

Wish you a good second-part of this week 🙂 !