First poem ever ! -Merely Feelings

I’m so proud, today, to let you see my first poem in English, this one is really important to me, and really symbolic too… Here it is…

Merely Feelings

Days are made of sadness
Days are made of laughs,
Days are empty or less,
Days, as rocks, can be tough.
But imagine you feel happy
And all the world is your property
Imagine you will manage
And you’ll open your golden cage.
Days are full of surprises
Days can be as beautiful
As the sunrises
Keep calm, stay cool.
Be who you are
Do what you want.
Fill this hole inside your heart
Try, even if you know you can’t.
No friends ?
Who cares ?
That’s not the end
The world is so unfair.
No need to change
Keep your key,
Only one word is important,
One word that proves they aren’t.
This key is

This is the end of my poem, and I hope you’ve liked it 😉

And I remind you that this poem is part of my IP (intellectual property) !

Wish you a good second-part of this week 🙂 !


Inside a life, there’s so many emotions and feelings we can’t count them, so men invented words. Poets, novellers ans storytellers are using those words, they make them beautiful, written in black ink on a light, free and white sheet.

Inside my life, there is not as many emotions as it exists, but I can turn them into words. That’s only magic, I believe ( who said magic doesn’t exist?), and I can choose to use them as I want, to create my own universe. We, artists in all categories, are using what we can to express what we want, like sadness, freedom, joy, and so on… We, artists, want to be free, without rules, so we can do what we are pleased to.

I, artist, want to show you my universe, with words all along my life, words in french, my native language, or words in english, or even in chinese.

That’s why, as an artist, I want to share this universe of imagination which is mine, and even yours, and even ours if we want. I will publish my poems, reflections, words in this blog as soon as I can.

Go ahead and discover some of my poems about life and others ! What are you waiting for ? The train of imagination leaves now to bring you up on the Dreams Land !


Daily Prompt: I Believe

For today’s prompt, tell us three things that you believe in your heart to be true. Tell us three things you believe in your heart to be false.

Three things to be true

I believe I can manage if I want, whenever, wherever and whatever.

I believe people to be good deep inside them. The most guilty person has done good things at least once in his life.

I believe people must be who they are, that’s the only way to be

Three things to be false

I’m someone popular and admired (yeah I know, a lot of people are the same as me!)

I believe I can do only good things. That’s false because I have done wrong so many times !

I believe my truth is THE truth. It is not true because someone proved it to me more than once. Plus, we can never prove one’s truth is the universal truth!

Hey, I like the presentation of this article! That’s like a little poem without rhymes, but not all the poems have rhymes!

What did you think about it ? I know it could be a bit far-fetched but I didn’t have a lot of inspiration to write this Prompt.

Hope you’ve liked !

Portrait chinois

Mon portrait chinois, comme indiqué dans le titre 🙂

Si j’étais un objet, je serais…  un set de dessin

Si j’étais une saison, je serais… l’été

Si j’étais un plat, je serais… une pizza

Si j’étais un animal, je serais… un chat

Si j’étais une chanson, je serais… Place, je passe

Si j’étais une couleur, je serais… le bleu

Si j’étais un roman, je serais... Cherub

Si j’étais une légende, je serais… une légende chinoise

Si j’étais un personnage de fiction, je serais… Largo Winch

Si j’étais un film, je serais…Twilight

Si j’étais un dessin animé, je serais… Tom & Jerry

Si j’étais une arme, je serais…  un arc

Si j’étais un endroit, je serais… une petite plage privée de la Mediterranée

Si j’étais une devis, je serais… “E pluribus unum”

Si j’étais un oiseau, je serais… un aigle royal

Si j’étais un élément, je serais… l’eau

Si j’étais un végétal, je serais… une orchidée

Si j’étais un fruit, je serais… une pomme

Si j’étais un bruit, je serais… le bruit du vent dans les arbres

Si j’étais un loisir, je serais… dessiner

Si j’étais une planète, je serais… Vénus

Si j’étais un vêtement, je serais… un pull léger ou un T-shirt à manches longues

Si j’étais une pièce, je serais… ma chambre

Si j’étais un véhicule, je serais… un tramway

Si j’étais un adverbe de temps, je serais… toujours