A so touching ad…

This afternoon, I was on the Net doing things I usually do, when I found this ad. You should really watch it, it is a message of happiness. After that, you will picture how much life can be simple, in a very easy way of being. I watched it and saw how we live in a consumer society. I…I…I… was speechless, and here, I try to explain you what cannot be explain with words…

Watch it and feel deep into your heart this feeling. The truth is that now, living in big cities, having no time to help our friends, relatives or unknown people, so we can’t feel this mere happiness…

Hope you liked that article, and that this video has made you think about this whole world, in which you can be having a great shower with heated water while people die of hunger in other countries, or even in your city.


Daily Prompt: Interplanet Janet

You get to design your own planet: tell us all about your planet — the weather, the seasons, the inhabitants. Go.

My planet would be a really big one, with an atmosphere and an ozone layer so that planet could shelter life forms.

However, animals can live in this planet are peaceful, happy, and no one would kill nothing/no one.

Humans would exist on this planet too, but fewer than on the Earth and too far from it to communicate with. Humans would be caring, environmentally friendly and all the qualities we can have, with those little faults that make us so unique.

There would be a lot of water, seas, rivers with beautiful landscapes around, never seen before!

People would live in harmony with other people, animals and nature.

This would be a perfect world (you know I allow only perfection 🙂 )

For sure, this is the planet where you’d like to live on !

Girls, this is for you !

Hey !

This evening, I first went on the net to see my news in different website, when I saw the Paradise for girls !

This is the online shop of Holly Hype, where you can find some really beautiful objects like earrings, rings, necklaces, handbags, etc…

Girls, go here if you want some cheap accessories > http://www.holly-hype.com/

I just had this awesome feeling that you may love it 🙂

Bye everybody 🙂


“Some people think that regrets are useless, but I think regrets are used to remember…”

Something that I think and wanted to share this with you :).

Bad news, I have school now, the holidays are finished, so I haven’t so much time to write and draw. But I’l be soon here, don’t worry !


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Écrivez un courrier imaginaire à un personnage totalement improbable.  Excercice de http://ecriture-livres.fr/boite-outils-ecrivain/aide-pour-ecrire-un-livre-echauffement.

Cher et bien aimé Homer Simpson,

Nous avons passé plus de deux heures ensemble à regarder ta télévision, malgré Marge qui criait lorsqu’on l’a enfermée dans le placard à balais. Ce fut tout de même une bonne soirée. Voilà, je ne peux plus te cacher mes sentiments plus longtemps.

Je t’aime, oui, je t’aime, mais à seulement quelques conditions.

Accepte-les et nous vivrons de longues années de paix et de bonheur.

Pour Bart, Lisa et Maggie, ne t’en fais pas, je suis sûre que leur arrière-arrière-grand tante voudra bien s’occuper d’eux, et, entre nous, elle est tellement vieille qu’elle ne s’apercevra même pas que j’ai déposé les enfants chez elle.

Mais bon, passons, cette histoire, je disais donc que nous avons passé une merveilleuse soirée.

Pour pouvoir m’épouser (oui, je le veux), il faudra :

  • Faire la lessive, le ménage, le jardinage
  • Ranger ta chambre
  • Gagner plus que 200 dollars le mois, comme tu le fais actuellement, tu devras avoir jusqu’à au moins 9500 dollars
  • Me faire des massages tous les soirs,
  • Faire la cuisine aussi bien qu’un chef 4 étoiles
  • Arrêter de péter la nuit
  • Virer Spider-Cochon

Voilà, c’est tout !

S’il te plaît, envoie moi une réponse favorable (sinon j’appelle la police pour escroquerie, mon amour ❤ )


Mémé Flanders