Daily Prompt: Never Surrender

Are you stubborn as a grass stain or as easy going as a light breeze on a warm day? Tell us about the ways in which you’re stubborn — which issues make you dig your heels in and refuse to budge?

A new Daily Prompt ! You missed it, don’t deny, I know it !I am someone really stubborn. In fact I play with it, and it is quite fun !

Now, I am stubborn but I do it my way, for instance, I don’t like when people decide things for me, so I could tell them I won’t do it, whatever that involves.

The week before the holidays, we had a special event at school, a music competition. Our class didn’t have something right, until the tuesday before the event, which was on friday.

So, I thought I didn’t want to do it, because, even if being ridiculous does not kill someone, I didn’t want to be ridiculous, so I thought I would be sitting on my chair and let the others do it. People in my class told me I had to do it, everyone must participate, but I wouldn’t hear that. At last, I did it because the choreography was better than before.

If I don’t want to do something, then people can’t make me do that, I am as stubborn as a mule !

If I really want to show I’m that stubborn, I can never do what people want me to do, and do it later on my own !

One time, a teacher enrolled me for the music rehearsals at school, but I didn’t want so, I didn’t go but I thought I could go after when I had decided so. Now it’s too late to do it, but I promise I would have done it on my own if I wanted !
I guess it’s a little bit confused and you may not understand but I understand myself :p !

I also know our great friend Kimmie is like me !

All has an end, even those great Daily Prompts ! So I should let it like that and say you goodbye 🙂 !

Zoe from MEEL, at your service for writing 😉 !

New contributor


Je suis Kimmie nouvelle contributrice du blog !

Nous nous connaissons depuis maintenant un sacré bout de temps et partageons la même passion du dessin, de l’écriture et des petits délires de temps à autres. 🙂

Que dire, je suis assez tête en l’air et je pense que maintenant, avec “ma réputation” qui semble me précéder, je suis une catastrophe ambulante en orthographe 🙂 Ouf, mes textes sont relus par notre très chère créatrice 🙂 Je posterai sur quelques anecdotes de la vie quotidienne ainsi que sur nos petits délires.

J’ai également ouvert un blog à quelques mois d’intervalle, qui par contre est sur mes passions notamment le dessin. Vous pourrez également retrouver les articles de zozodraw sur ce dernier. 🙂  En voici le lien si vous êtes intéressés. http://kimmiecode.wordpress.com/

Passez une très bonne fin d’après midi… 🙂