About Creativity

1…2…3… Close your eyes

4…5…6… Hear their smiles

Six words to say “Find creativity”

That’s not difficult, you will see

Changing a letter or two

And you come to something true

From deep inside your heart

Inspiration then will be art


Truth and lies

 Picture from Deviantart by LUN2004 : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lost-132779251

Picture from Deviantart by LUN2004 : http://www.deviantart.com/art/Lost-132779251

All those lies I’ve told

All these fears I’ve hold

All this trust I’ve lost

Keeping my secrets, at any cost.

But it all has ended

I’ve burnt it all, indeed

‘Cause I don’t wanna live this life

‘Cause I don’t wanna play their game.

I found the truth but rejected it.

I want to have my own place

In this world of prentence

In this world of nonsense.

I want to have that power

Of holding me on my own shoulder.

You will only see me going away

Far from the way you’ve drawn for me.

Long time ago, you told me

I had to be that way

But I’ve been somewhere else

A place where you can’t find me

You can’t even guess

If truth and lies will be.


Hope you liked it ! Don’t hesitate to leave comments to share your feelings about that poem ! I know it can seem weird or something but I just write what’s in my mind and inspiration does the rest.


Inside a life, there’s so many emotions and feelings we can’t count them, so men invented words. Poets, novellers ans storytellers are using those words, they make them beautiful, written in black ink on a light, free and white sheet.

Inside my life, there is not as many emotions as it exists, but I can turn them into words. That’s only magic, I believe ( who said magic doesn’t exist?), and I can choose to use them as I want, to create my own universe. We, artists in all categories, are using what we can to express what we want, like sadness, freedom, joy, and so on… We, artists, want to be free, without rules, so we can do what we are pleased to.

I, artist, want to show you my universe, with words all along my life, words in french, my native language, or words in english, or even in chinese.

That’s why, as an artist, I want to share this universe of imagination which is mine, and even yours, and even ours if we want. I will publish my poems, reflections, words in this blog as soon as I can.

Go ahead and discover some of my poems about life and others ! What are you waiting for ? The train of imagination leaves now to bring you up on the Dreams Land !


Oh nooooooo ! Not much time !

Homer Simpson Oh No

Hello there !

I’m not a professional blogger and as you know, I’m taken by school everyday and all…

I just hope you’ve been missing me ! However, I’ve been missing you !

You still believe in me ? If Yes, I’ll tell you what I’ve done during all this time and I’ll tell the beautiful story about my trip in England !

If not… so you have the choice : Stay here and discover what you didn’t know I’m able to do, or you can also get out of this blog thinking I’m a newbie, I should let it to others etc…

If you are still here, I’ll tell you what I’ve done.

First, I’ve been to school ( normal for someone my age ! ) and I worked a lot, I also wrote a lot of poems.

I’ll show you them in a new category of this blog. I went to England with school, I worked again, and last week, I made a lamp with my Daddy ! 🙂 It’s not finished but it will be as soon as I can !

The second term has ended and now it’s holidays ! I enjoy that a lot, I can draw, write, and the best is that it’s sunny today !

The trip in England (when you click this link “The trip in England”, a window will open and then you can download it in order to read it. Don’t worry, the file is called “carnet de voyage” when the windows opens, but you can change the name if you want )

Please Enjoy this moment and tell me what you thought about my IMPRESSIVE back to MEEL !

Remember that the document you can download ( The trip in England) is part of my IP ( intellectual property).

If you want to use it, then ask me !

Thank you very much

XOXOXO Zoe from MEEL 🙂

Daily Prompt: I Was Here

You are the first astronaut to arrive on a new, uncharted planet. Write the note that you leave to those who come after you.

Hey you !

Yes, you who are reading this note !

I’m a poor little human called Zoe, living on the Earth for now 16 years. I live in France a really beautiful country, but it doesn’t matter !

So, if you read this note, you should now that I forgot the space map and I got lost then found this planet. I’m now back on the Earth, I found the map in my jacket pocket (how stupid I am!)

However, If you don’t understand this note, you must let it where you found it so the next one could read it.




Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past

What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

My favorite holiday is Christmas, because of the presents we have !

My memory for this holiday is a really easy to understand. A Christmas like another, my family and I went to my Granny’s house (a very big house! ) and the whole family were here.

The table was well decorated, with things of all the colours, we ate, we each opened our presents, like a normal Christmas, but all were cheerful, happy, smiling, amusing with their presents.

We shared that special moment in family and that was one of the best holidays I ever had !

This Christmas had this special atmosphere that I like during this moment.


That’s all ! Happy Christmas to you 🙂


Mail to theme

Écrivez un courrier imaginaire à un personnage totalement improbable.  Excercice de http://ecriture-livres.fr/boite-outils-ecrivain/aide-pour-ecrire-un-livre-echauffement.

Cher et bien aimé Homer Simpson,

Nous avons passĂ© plus de deux heures ensemble Ă  regarder ta tĂ©lĂ©vision, malgrĂ© Marge qui criait lorsqu’on l’a enfermĂ©e dans le placard Ă  balais. Ce fut tout de mĂŞme une bonne soirĂ©e. VoilĂ , je ne peux plus te cacher mes sentiments plus longtemps.

Je t’aime, oui, je t’aime, mais Ă  seulement quelques conditions.

Accepte-les et nous vivrons de longues années de paix et de bonheur.

Pour Bart, Lisa et Maggie, ne t’en fais pas, je suis sĂ»re que leur arrière-arrière-grand tante voudra bien s’occuper d’eux, et, entre nous, elle est tellement vieille qu’elle ne s’apercevra mĂŞme pas que j’ai dĂ©posĂ© les enfants chez elle.

Mais bon, passons, cette histoire, je disais donc que nous avons passé une merveilleuse soirée.

Pour pouvoir m’Ă©pouser (oui, je le veux), il faudra :

  • Faire la lessive, le mĂ©nage, le jardinage
  • Ranger ta chambre
  • Gagner plus que 200 dollars le mois, comme tu le fais actuellement, tu devras avoir jusqu’Ă  au moins 9500 dollars
  • Me faire des massages tous les soirs,
  • Faire la cuisine aussi bien qu’un chef 4 Ă©toiles
  • ArrĂŞter de pĂ©ter la nuit
  • Virer Spider-Cochon

VoilĂ , c’est tout !

S’il te plaĂ®t, envoie moi une rĂ©ponse favorable (sinon j’appelle la police pour escroquerie, mon amour ❤ )


Mémé Flanders