Inside a life, there’s so many emotions and feelings we can’t count them, so men invented words. Poets, novellers ans storytellers are using those words, they make them beautiful, written in black ink on a light, free and white sheet.

Inside my life, there is not as many emotions as it exists, but I can turn them into words. That’s only magic, I believe ( who said magic doesn’t exist?), and I can choose to use them as I want, to create my own universe. We, artists in all categories, are using what we can to express what we want, like sadness, freedom, joy, and so on… We, artists, want to be free, without rules, so we can do what we are pleased to.

I, artist, want to show you my universe, with words all along my life, words in french, my native language, or words in english, or even in chinese.

That’s why, as an artist, I want to share this universe of imagination which is mine, and even yours, and even ours if we want. I will publish my poems, reflections, words in this blog as soon as I can.

Go ahead and discover some of my poems about life and others ! What are you waiting for ? The train of imagination leaves now to bring you up on the Dreams Land !



Casque (pour la musique)

Casque (pour la musique, hein )

Voici mon casque personalisé 🙂
Je l’ai fait ce Week End, sur le modèle de la forme et avec ma si grande créativité !
C’est du chinois, les caractères en rouge, “Wo” et “Ni”, toi et moi.

J’en ai fait d’autres, je les mettrais en photo.
Voili Voilou 🙂