A so touching ad…

This afternoon, I was on the Net doing things I usually do, when I found this ad. You should really watch it, it is a message of happiness. After that, you will picture how much life can be simple, in a very easy way of being. I watched it and saw how we live in a consumer society. I…I…I… was speechless, and here, I try to explain you what cannot be explain with words…

Watch it and feel deep into your heart this feeling. The truth is that now, living in big cities, having no time to help our friends, relatives or unknown people, so we can’t feel this mere happiness…

Hope you liked that article, and that this video has made you think about this whole world, in which you can be having a great shower with heated water while people die of hunger in other countries, or even in your city.



Daily Prompt: Eat, Drink, and Be Merry…

Sorry, I know, I’m late ! Do you excuse me ? If yes, you should continue to read this 🙂

…for tomorrow we die. The world is ending tomorrow! Tell us about your last dinner — the food, your dining companions, the setting, the conversation.

My last dinner would be a really spectacular dinner about the food, but I ‘d just like to have this last dinner with all my family and all the teachers I have and all the people I know because I think it could be fun.

We would eat in a huge room like Harry Potter’s one, the cutlery is already set on the table, we each have knifes, spoons and forks in pure gold. The room is decorated with red carpets and red curtains, the walls and floors are covered with wood, the lamps give off a bright atmosphere. All the guests sit down and we start to eat. It is a great meal, everyone is smiling and enjoying this magical moment. We all start the first dish, then the second is served and everyone say that he had a beautiful life and that he is glad to be here with us. The third and last dishes are on the tables, then, we continue to talk to each other in a joyful atmosphere. In fact, it looks more like a Christmas dinner than a Last Day dinner. Late in the evening, we all go to bed, in the one that has been offered to everybody in the world.

In my bed with my cat, I remember all this day and feel nostalgic and wistful. “That was a great day, maybe my favorite one.”

Hope you’ve enjoyed !