Daily Prompt : 1984

You’re locked in a room with your greatest fear. Describe what’s in the room

That’s gonna be a very short post, as there’s not a lot to describe about what you can see in your own room that can frighten you.

In the room, my bed. A double bed, more precisely. On its left, a wardrobe and on the right, a big mirror. It’s the night, curtains are shut down, only shadows are to be seen. I lock the door and go silently to bed, looking for a little warmth. I lay there for a few minutes and then I see something silent, but moving in my room’s bathroom. Here it is. The thief. Now my greatest fear has taken place. A thief, holding a gun is in my room. Whoah. And I’m locked there, with no possibilities of going out. I’ll be fake asleep and we’ll see what happens, hoping that nothing goes wrong.


About Creativity

1…2…3… Close your eyes

4…5…6… Hear their smiles

Six words to say “Find creativity”

That’s not difficult, you will see

Changing a letter or two

And you come to something true

From deep inside your heart

Inspiration then will be art


Daily Prompt : Trick or Trick ? (I’d say Trick…)

Let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and you just ran out of candy. If the neighborhood kids (or anyone else, really) were to truly scare you, what trick would they have to subject you to?

So let’s imagine it’s Halloween, and, sadly, I run out of candy…. Well, first I never have candy so I can’t really run out of it…

But let’s say I love sweets, then if they were to scare me, thoses little monsters, I guess I could play their game and say ” I’m so sorry guys, I don’t have candies…”, ” Then if you don’t we trick you and the Great Werewolf will come after you” they would reply. How cute they were, in their Hall oween costumes! I’d spend the night in my bed thinking about candies and laughing about that Great Werewolf threat and if only I saw a shadow in my bedroom, even if it’s some light from outside against my curtains, I’m sure I’ll be under my blanket, dying of fear for the rest of the night !

I’ll catch you, Werewolf!


Weekly Photo Challenge : Treats

For many, candies aren’t a favorite indulgence. Maybe you’re a savory food lover, or you’ve gone on a beautiful vacation to treat yourself. Perhaps some quiet time alone with a beloved novel is your greatest pleasure. This week, share with us a photo of something that you consider a marvelous treat.

Hello everyone !

It’s been a while since my last post, I know it and I have no excuses ! But you won’t blame me if a lot of things occured in my life, would you ? 🙂

This time I’ll only post that ~post~ and then I’ll tell you my story later!

I love tea, that’s a fact everybody around me knows, and what do I do if I want to have a little rest and have a good time? Let’s guess… TEA !!! Just sitting on the couch, maybe watching TV, with a great warm tea is like Paradise to me.

I like it hot, with any kind of tea ( but the Genmaicha tea I bought is really awesome!) and a bit of honey (to satisfy my sweet tooth) and that’s when it’s infused only 1-2 minutes that it’s the best thing I’ve ever had in my day. Just imagine, some hot tea smoothly going down your throat, warming you up and making you feel great as if it was something really relaxing and resting… Who wouldn’t seriously do this?! (And if you don’t like tea, then imagine it’s coffee 😛 )

I don’t even know how to describe it greatly, as it’s one’s proper feelings that can express it, but if you’re the same as me, then you’ll know for sure what I mean. It’s only litlle things like that that can lighten up someone’s day!




After Candy Crush and Flappy Bird, the new popular game is 2048. For those who don’t know it, you only must pile tiles which have the same number (from 2 up to 1024) and when you manage making a 2028 block, you win the game!
Only guess what?  It was only a week I downloaded it from the Play store ( you can also download it from the following link : http://2048.mobi/download/ ) , I played as usual, thinking there was no chance I win, and suddenly … two 1024 appeared ! I won!  I was so happy you can’t imagine!  After only a week practicing I managed !

I’m havin’ so much fun playing this game !


I really recommend this game!
Who will do it faster than I did?  Let’s see!

Texte, je participe au jeu d’Elleirame !

Coucou tout le monde ! Je ne vous l’avais pas dit, mais je participe au jeu d’Elleirame, la page du jeu est ici : http://elleirame.wordpress.com/page-du-jeu/

Voici  mon texte, vous pouvez aussi le retrouver sur la page du jeu, ce texte va avec la photo de Rosamere.

Quelle idée de se retrouver seule, en pleine ville, alors que le soir commençait a tomber ? Je vous demande ! Moi, la pire gaffeuse universelle, je suis sortie ce matin en ville, à Paris, alors que j’avais fini de déménager la veille, et forcément, je me suis perdue ! Je m’étais arrêtée ce midi pour manger et j’avais cherché mon chemin tout le reste de l’après-midi…. On m’avait toujours dit que j’étais douée, mais maintenant, je voyais mieux ce qu’ils avaient voulu dire par là. A environ 19 heures, j’avais enfin trouvé une bouche de métro de la ligne que j’étais censée prendre.

Je descend donc jusqu’au quai et là, personne…. Une grande barrière est posée sur la voie du métro… On peux voir également un message sur ce que j’appelle le panneau « afficheur des horaires ». C’est écrit que ma ligne ne circulera pas ce soir là… oh non ! Comment vais-je faire pour rentrer chez moi ? Il ne reste qu’une solution, le bus… Encore faut-il que j’arrive à sortir de cet endroit… C’est vrai, quoi, les architectes du métro parisien, comme ce monsieur Bienvenue, ils auraient pu faire un effort pour faire des sorties directes ! Bienvenue, bienvenue, merci bien mais en attendant j’ai acheté des tickets de métro pour rien !

Toujours est-il que moi je peinais à rejoindre la sortie, et toutes ces allées, tous ces murs identiques avec trois tonnes de publicité sur les murs ne m’aidaient pas… Le couloir était désert. Seule la lumière allumée pouvait me rassurer. Il faisait froid, je n’avais pas pris mon blouson, un courant d’air passait… Rien. Il n’y avait absolument rien ni personne ici, à part moi. Ca avait un côté pas très rassurant, le soir, comme ça, au milieu d’un couloir de métro désert, avec pour seule compagnie des lampes et de la pub… J’avais carrément peur oui ! J’ai couru là où je pensais trouver la sortie, mais forcément, je me perdais encore et encore… jusqu’à ce que je la trouve enfin, cette sortie ! Il était à peine un peu plus de 19h30. Une demi-heure à chercher son chemin alors qu’on ne rencontre pas âme qui vive, c’est franchement long ! Bon, c’était une bonne chose de faite. Maintenant restait à trouver le bon arrêt de bus…

Voilà, j’espère que vous avez aimé !



Do express your creativity !


What is this weird blue thing, wandering from desk to table and to another surface ? What do you think it is ? A very big sofa for Playmobils ? Not really….
A swimming pool with walls all around ? I don’t think so …
This is a box, a Lego box I made to put my mobile in ! That’s one of my father ideas but this one is quite good I reckon. It’s made to put your phone in so you don’t lose it, you know it is next to you, in that box you can carry all around the house.
It’s really easy to do, you can do it your way, with your own Lego bricks and more, you can customize it ! Way more fun !
Don’t choose a moment just because you need it, do it when you are bored ! Another rainy Saturday, a little sister or a mother-in-law that is bothering you ? You’ve got an excuse ! No, just kidding … do it if you want that’s just I liked the idea and thought it could be interesting for you.