Formal Songwriter

Everyone knows, “music is life” for the majority of the Earth’s inhabitants.

Created from the very beginning, music has always taken a major place in a civilization’s culture. Homo Sapiens, Homo Neanderthalensis and the people from those early civilization are the ones who started playing music, often with bone-caved flutes, but mankind have never cesed to try different rythms and sounds, making discoveries about how the sound is created, and so how the instruments must be built.

Apart from birds, whales and a few other which we know, according to science, use a kind of primitive music to communicate, humans is the only “developed” species that have made music. The special features for which we continue to make music over the centuries, is that it’s made only to be a form of art, and so to be “esthetic” even if some artists consider they don’t make music for it to be esthetic).

Then, we created lyrics, used our own voices to be a new instrument, each voice being very unique, and guiding words through melody.

It amazes me how humans have this possibility, this creativity wide enough to always be able to find new rythms, new lyrics, new themes, new topics to sing about.

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Casque (pour la musique)

Casque (pour la musique, hein )

Voici mon casque personalisé 🙂
Je l’ai fait ce Week End, sur le modèle de la forme et avec ma si grande créativité !
C’est du chinois, les caractères en rouge, “Wo” et “Ni”, toi et moi.

J’en ai fait d’autres, je les mettrais en photo.
Voili Voilou 🙂