The science of sleep

I thought that it could be fun and interesting if I tell you things you don’t know ( or if you know, so enjoy another time with me ! ) about the sleep.

First, you should know that we make 4 to 12 dreams per night (this is an average).

We have 4 phases of sleep, each lasts about 90 minutes.

The cat sleeps about 16/24 hours per day for an adult, the kittens can sleep 22 hours a day.

Animals can dream too !

Eating an apple is more efficient than coffee to stay awake.

Pandiculation is the word that means stretching to wake up.

That’s all and I hope you’ve learned something.

Fan of science and exact facts ? You’ll love it !

I have always loved to know new things, more precisely the facts which are not really helpful and those which are uninteresting for the most part of people.

You can go on this website  > and you’ll discover very weird facts.

Did you also know that some (old, I suppose) laws in the United States are as freaky as you can’t imagine one of them ! 

Go straightaway here  >

But don’t worry, all the countries have some laws like this, you could make fun of some here  >

I hope you’ll enjoy it and have fun with it !