Do express your creativity !


What is this weird blue thing, wandering from desk to table and to another surface ? What do you think it is ? A very big sofa for Playmobils ? Not really….
A swimming pool with walls all around ? I don’t think so …
This is a box, a Lego box I made to put my mobile in ! That’s one of my father ideas but this one is quite good I reckon. It’s made to put your phone in so you don’t lose it, you know it is next to you, in that box you can carry all around the house.
It’s really easy to do, you can do it your way, with your own Lego bricks and more, you can customize it ! Way more fun !
Don’t choose a moment just because you need it, do it when you are bored ! Another rainy Saturday, a little sister or a mother-in-law that is bothering you ? You’ve got an excuse ! No, just kidding … do it if you want that’s just I liked the idea and thought it could be interesting for you.

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