Daily life at school !

Let’s start ! In this second post, I’m going to explain you my school life.

My school, wich you can see on the photo below, is called Saint Stanislas.

ImageThis is my school !

We have some beautiful and ancient buildings !

Now, I think it is time to tell you that I learn chinese ! Chinese 🙂 ! In fact, this is a very beautiful language, and I learn it since the 6th class. For the people who want to learn this language, they must be really interested and ready to make efforts, because it is a very different language,  and the writing is like this :


The letters below are called “pinyin”, you write it when you don’t know how to write it in chinese character.

But enough about chinese ! In France, in the 8th class, we have to chose another language, and, unfortunately, I choose german, but now, I hate this language ! I have already dreamed that I went to the spanish lesson !

At school we learn those subjects:

  • -French: of course, I am French 🙂
  • -Maths : I like it, it depend on the subject
  • English : Love it 🙂
  • Plastic Arts: good teacher !
  • Music : we can sing !
  • German : i hate it !
  • History-geography : I am so great !
  • Chinese : we are about 7 to learn this lovely language !
  • Physic : A new teacher !  (I got the same 2 years !)
  • Biologie : the same teacher I got in the 7th class
  • P.E. : 2 differents teachers in 4 years !

That’s all I can say now ! So goodbye and see you later, aligator !

Zoe 🙂


6 thoughts on “Daily life at school !

  1. Marion - Le Monde des Loups says:

    Hi Zoe,
    Maybe you could explain in which country you’re living.
    And why you write in English once and in French another time!
    Are you French, American, English?
    Where do you study?
    If you want to interest people, talk about you a little more
    See you later =)

    • Coucou, je suis fancaise, et j’écris en anglais et en francais, car j’aime beaucoup l’anglais mais tu comprendras que je ne peux pas tout écrire en anglais, certains sujets ne sont pas faciles à traiter dans cette langue.

      Merci quand même pour tes remarques et critiques qui me serviront pour m’améliorer 🙂

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